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CAS, in conjunction with the Salvation Army Church, Ghana, runs a clinic at the Refuge. All street children who are registered by CAS can have a free consultation by the nurse. CAS in partnership with Salvation Army have agreements with hospitals and institutions which means that a child with a severe health problem can be referred to any of their centers for treatment...d

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Children are introduced in literacy classes. The aim is to teach them reading and writing and simple English. An adapted Montessori system is used. Children also have a library and computer centre available. They do sports and drama and entertain themselves on Fridays. Of late, we noticed that girls are reluctant to take part in sports. We have to encourage them to take part but before that, we have to find out why they stopped.

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Coloring and drawing takes place at the House of Refuge. It allows the children to be creative as they draw and color. this exercise is very interesting as it creates competition among the children. Children are allowed to draw anything of their choice and then they color it in...

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At CAS Ghana we organise drama and dancing groups as a recreational activity for the Children

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We have experienced computer instructors always available to train the Children on basic computer skills

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At CAS Ghana we have series of interesting games and sports for the Children

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